Corporate and Government Video Production

The Big Guys

Thing One: When we say Big Guys, you know who you are (and that top dogs are not just guys. Or dogs.)

Thing Two: You know and we know that corporate video needs go way beyond advertising. Need to communicate a new policy to your far flung employees?  Video can provide clear, concise, consistent messaging.  Need to train your employees — anything from better customer service to how to prep a new menu item?  Video tells AND shows.  Want to wow stockholders with an annual report?  Video can provide the wow factor in spades. Whether external or internal communication — video can explain, teach and create buy-in, and it can do it consistently and efficiently.

Thing Three: Ditto for the possibilities for government work.  Communicating new policies, training and education for employees, a little explanation and persuasion?  Video can do the trick.

Training • Sales • Communication

Small Is good even for the Big Guys

Experience matters, right? Steef, our co-owner, produced, directed and edited countless business training videos seen by millions of customers when he was senior producer at a prominent employee training company back in the day.

And size matters, too.  We’re small and agile and can shoot practically anywhere without an army of grips and production assistants ….OR…if we need to carry out a big, complicated project with a full crew and actors, we do that, too. Remember speed dial? We’ve got plenty of crew folks that we call to help us with big jobs.

Denver Film & Digital also has its own small soundstage for shooting local interviews and demonstrations.

We like this formula: Excellent quality + low overhead = high value.


Working with Denver Film & Digital truly felt like I had my own Hollywood director and film crew, while I got to play the easy role of ‘executive producer.’ They took my abstract ideas, turned them into a script, sourced and auditioned the actors, directed and filmed the production on multiple sets and locations, and produced a world-class video in under a month. It doesn’t get any better–or easier–than that!