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If a dictionary needed a photo to go with the definition of  busman’s holiday, you’d probably see Steef Sealy’s smiling face. Just as much as he loves making videos during the regular work week, he loves making movies on his days off. He is a camera-loving, technology-geeking, storytelling kind of guy. And — lucky for him — he has writer/actor/director pals who love making short films almost as much as he does.

Here’s a collection of recent projects, including festival-winning short films, the Colorado Film & Video Association’s 2019 Best Narrative Film, and a couple of documentaries that found their ways to the television screen.

A passion for storytelling

Reed Meyer

The Sealys make an incredible team. Their combination of skills helps put people at ease while bringing out the essence of the story. They are so versitile. They can make you grab a tissue box for a nonprofit or generate humour or make serious business videos. I highly recommend their work.