Telling Your Company’s Compelling Story

Small Business

As small business owners ourselves, we know the drill. It’s absolutely crucial to send a clear and engaging marketing message.

And as study after study shows, video rules.

When talking with a client about creating a video, here’s our Point A: identify your audience’s questions and problems, and then shape your video(s) to answer those questions and solve those problems. Share some of your knowledge and show that you really know what you’re doing.  Our small business clients love to tell us about customers who found them online, watched their videos, and said “I feel like I already know you!” And speaking of clients, a happy client video testimonial is another powerful tool to promote your business.

Maybe you noticed a reference to videos — plural — above. Here’s the behind-the-scenes logic. Say we shoot a video interview with a business owner as the basis of a two-minute website video. We always have more material than we can use. So we recommend turning some of that extra material into branded video snippets for social media. Short. Snappy. More chances to make more impressions.

Now…we know small businesses and solopreneurs usually don’t have bottomless checking accounts.  So we use our skills and experience to make videos that are engaging AND affordable.

Click below to see some examples of our work with small businesses and solopreneurs. Have an idea that you don’t see here? Click that “Let’s Talk” button to get started!

Create a high-quality centerpiece video for your website

Fill your social media content calendar with video snippets


I was contacted by a potential customer regarding a purchase from our website.
She told me she had looked around at several sites, but felt most comfortable with our site when she saw the video.  It made her feel very confident in purchasing from us versus a competitor.  I would absolutely use Steef and Chris again for any filming/video needs and highly recommend Denver Film & Digital for anyone else.